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Integration Guide


Before merchant start with ZaloPay products and solutions, familiarize yourself with our latest documentation, including developer guides, API references, code samples, and more.

ZaloPay aims to provide customers with safe and convenient localized payment services and globalized credit card payment services.

At present, we support services that include: collection, refund, disbursement and transaction inquiry. Currently, the payment methods supported by ZaloPay include: wallet, debit card, credit card, online banking, ATM, offline payment and online payment, etc., to fully meet the needs of our clients.

Integration Process

1.Business Negotiation

Our representative team will introduce our service in the pre-cooperation communication. You can select a product and learn how to integrate it.

2.Sign the Contract and Obtain the Account

After confirming the product you need from ZaloPay, you should send the required documents for signing the contract and the merchant application form to our BD (Business Development). We will assist merchant in completing the account registration and provide the login account and password of the Merchant Portal.

3.Preparation Before Integration

Read the technical documentation, download and refer to the relevant demo for technological integration.

4.Technical Integration

ZaloPay will create a communication group to carry out the integration.

5.Test and Go Live

After Merchant finish the integration and unit testing, send the application (web link, application installation package) to ZaloPay QC to check the results. ZaloPay approves and provides production environment appid, keys and rechecks with some transactions on the production environment. Merchant can release system for go live.

6.Routine Maintenance

After the integration phase, merchant need to follow up on the transaction situation and conduct routine system maintenance.